About the Author

Susan Elizabeth Davis began to think about this book in 1979. A reproductive justice activist since 1970, Susan became frustrated when she saw the media placing an equal sign between those who support abortion rights and those who oppose them.

In late 1979, after fifteen years of editing college textbooks and books about design, Susan wanted to change her life. Writing a novel about woman’s right to choose would do just that. Not only would it give her a new professional direction, but she hoped the novel would join a long list of books that have helped change social conditions and perceptions – books like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, The Jungle, Invisible Man, and The Women’s Room. Susan wrote two versions of the book (1987 and 1993) with some of the same characters. During that time she also broadened her professional career by ghostwriting books about design, writing magazine articles about graphic design and photography, and publishing four nonfiction books, two of which were about reproductive rights.

After Susan joined a weekly class in 1996 led by writing coach Emily Hanlon, this book emerged in 2006 with three point-of-view characters. After failing to find an agent or a small publisher and seeing the political atmosphere become increasingly reactionary, particularly toward reproductive justice, Susan decided to self-publish Love Means Second Chances in 2010. Not only has that become a relatively easy,affordable option, but the book is needed more than ever to show, through a wrenching family crisis, that women must have access to all options to enable them to own their own lives.