Speaking Engagements

Availability for Various Types of Events

My overall purpose in reading from and talking about why I wrote the novel is to open a door so that those in the audience can express their feelings about the many issues the book raises within a safe, friendly, supportive environment.

  • Reading selections from Love Means Second Chances at a library or literary gathering, followed by a question-and-answer period.
  • Reading selections from Love Means Second Chances and talking about why I wrote the book. For a quick survey of why, see my short article
    “Love Means Second Chances: Reproductive Freedom in a Novel” in the Winter 2012 issue of the online feminist magazine On The Issues.
  • Talking about why I wrote the book for a book club or gathering of friends, for a high school or college class (on a range of topics, including sex ed, what is reproductive justice and why do women need it, and creative writing), or for a fundraising event. I would hope the audience
    would have already read the book, so we could have a dialogue about it.
  • An analysis of the causes of the historic and current attacks on women and how to defend women’s rights and advance the struggle
    for reproductive justice as part of the overall drive for social, economic, political liberation.


I have extensive experience as a public speaker in a range of venues going back to the 1960s when I became a political activist. I’ve addressed reproductive rights rallies of thousands of people in New York City’s Union Square as well as small journalism classesat Pratt Institute and Eugene Lang College. I was a panelist in National Writers Union workshops at the 2010 Social Forum in Detroit; co-chaired Writers for Mumia events in New York City in 1999, 2007, and 2010; and emceed the NWU’s 30th Anniversary celebration in New York in 2011.