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Buy this book from Amazon. If you enjoy the book and want your book club to read it, ask your local bookstore to stock the book.

The Kindle format of Love Means Second Chances is now available on Amazon.

8 thoughts on “Buy the book

  1. Just called the big local indie bookstore Book Passage and ordered your book. Told them what a splash it’s making on blogs and in writer’s groups, etc.
    As I am a regular customer let’s hope they take note. I’ll also post something on the bulletin board there as many book groups pass through.

    I still lurk on the GO-CA listserv. So nice to get this kind of good info to pass on.

  2. It was a pleasure to meet you Susan at the Conference last weekend – I’m looking forward to a good read! Hope we connect again soon.


  3. Susan:

    I thought that I could reach you at sednyc, but you might not use that address any more.

    Joan Malin, my wife, wrote you some weeks ago — maybe at this address; I’m not sure — but hasn’t heard anything.

    She read the book and has, now, given it to one or two of her deputies, those who work in the proper PP department. They will consider doing something related to the book — once they’ve read it — assuming that you will, first, follow up by answering Joan’s message.

    If she doesn’t hear from you, those deputies won’t read it. And I doubt, then, that anything more will happen at PP. It is engaged for now with a number of legislative issues, at the local and state levels.

    I did what I could.

    Peter P.

    1. Dear Peter,

      I just happened to check the blog this morning and found your email. I’m so grateful for all your and Joan’s efforts to help me publicize my novel. I do not remember seeing an email from Joan at sednyc, but I will check and of course I will get back to her today.

      I must apologize, Peter, for not responding to the email you wrote to me in December at sednyc. I was overwhelmed with way too much work in all parts of my life — the union, political tasks, and trying to earn a living on top of trying to promote the novel.

      I meant to get back to you after Christmas, but in early January I took on organizing responsibilities for the gala for Ramsey Clark at Riverside on Jan. 12 and I really overdid it. I have been sick ever since, and subsequently discovered that I’ve become anemic, the primary symptom of which is exhaustion. I’ve been climbing out of that hole ever since but it’s going to take time.

      How is “Wail” doing? It’s a huge job to promote a self-published book — more than I ever realized. I hope you’re making good contacts and good progress. Of course, I will buy your book.

      Also, thanks for telling me about Jim Morgan. I did reach out to him recently and was very glad I did. Thanks to you.

      Anyway I realize I really messed up by not getting back to you in December — even just to say thanks and I’ll be in touch. But this is now, and I can only apologize and move forward. I hope you will accept my apology.

      Best wishes,

  4. Susan:

    No problem.

    Email, and all of the other communication means, which we are so sure is an unalloyed good, has severe, unpleasant repercussions.

    One of them is guilt, when we just can’t keep up with the flow. And another, it seems, is consequent anemia.

    I hope that you soon feel better.

    When you do, get back to Joan. It’s those on her staff whom she gave your book to whom you need to deal with.

    Good luck.

    Peter P.

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